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The Lamar Foundation For the Performing Arts(L.A.F.F.P.A.) wants to tell the story of human drama through all forms of media and expression.  We want to afford opportunity where others have denied it. We want to make a difference. 

L.A.F.F.P.A. is a production company, but so much more.  We are centralized in Los Angeles, California, but in this global age, we are really world wide.  We produce quality original audio and visual content.   We offer  audio and video production services at a very competitive rate. Headshots might as well be free, considering the quality.

The Goal of L.A.F.F.P.A. is to reach as many humans as possible with a message of peace and unity.  We will tell the travails and triumphs that tie us together.  Others will come to use our production services to help tell their own story.  With music we can communicate through the universal language with mass appeal.   Our music department is very adept at striking music for any need.


QUESTION: What are your goals?
I only have one goal; to affect the world in a positive way everyday.