LOGLINE:  Instead of solving the problem you get caught up in it.

A modern day Romeo and Juliet with love and bullets.





 What happens when  former high school flames, Jon Bey and Sophia Chambers reunite, but they each had a secret. Jon, jazzman by day,undercover by night or is that undercover by day,jazzman by night, is a cultured male animal. Sophia just happens to be a femme fatale drug kingpin who controls most of Philadelphia's drug trade.  Men are mere divergences.  Jon's little brother, Guy,  has actually been on the case of this mysterious drug lord for the past two years.  Chief, head of the undercover task force, is like a father figure to Guy and Jon.  Chief also has a little thing going with Anita Brickman, the mayor of Philadelphia.


The story begins with Jon and Sophia as high school youths. Jon and Guy's father, Mr.Bey, is a cop and Guy seems destined to follow in his father's footsteps.  Jon is more artistic as is Sophia as they both attend the same prep school while feeling the first throws of love. 

we quickly move to Mr. Bey and the police engaged in a full scale shootout with the Junior Black Mafia, a drug gang run by Sophia's father, Mr. Chambers.  Mr. Bey is killed during this exchange of gunfire.  At the funeral, young Guy makes Young Jon promise that they will get the bad guys.  Young Sophia sees her father, seemingly, for the last time as he now has to disappear from the city.


We move forward to Jon and Guy now both cops on the cities narcotics unit.  the unit is after the Phantom, the mysterious head of Philly's drug trade. 

While chasing a perp, Jon almost suffers the same fate as his father.  He's shot, but survives. His life starts to unravel. The bottle is his friend.


Now Jon is a stressed out cop on leave, when he bumps into Sophia and an old flame is rekindled.Sophia is rich, posh and mysterious.  As their passion grows, Guy gets deeper and higher into the junior black mafia and starts uncovering clues that point to Sophia as the head of Philadelphia's drug cartel. 

A drive by occurs on Guy's turf and Jon answers the hero's call and returns to the force after his brother is nearly killed.  the Phantom must be stopped, no matter what.

Now Jon and Sophia must confront the truth and each must make a tough decision. 

The line between right and wrong is questioned often,as the story unfolds.  Does love conquer all?

Entangled is a new urban tale set in the gritty streets of Philadelphia where greed, sex, and power are all intertwined as the story twists and turns towards it's fateful end.